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Norma Desmond
Joe Gillis
Max von Mayerling
Betty Schaeffer
Artie Green
Cecil B DeMille 

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Sunset Boulevard Costumes

All new show from the Thespis studios for the 2020 season

Delusions of grandeur don’t get much bigger than those perceived by the once towering silent movie star Norma Desmond.

Sad though it must be to be left behind by the ever-marching progress of time, quite the fortuitous opportunity it does reveal to the equally lonely, hard-up screenwriter Joe Gillis.

Like so many artists in history, Joe is scrabbling for some kind of success to lift him from his growing debts. Chance often provides the most unexpected encounters, and if you’re really, REALLY lucky - lucrative ones too.

Joe sees potential. An unspoken quid pro quo. A mutual back-scratching so to speak. But with an almighty catch. He must maintain Norma’s illusions, or find himself back committed to his futile drudgery, and eventual destitution. Passion. Paranoia, and a few pistol shots. What could possibly go wrong. You must have come...

... to Sunset Boulevard.



 In a black stunning evening dress. star of so many silent movies and dreaming of a return to the adoration 

 Stunning dancing girls costumes in reds and greens. Harem dancers costumes 


 Sunset Blvd being the current musical full of intrigue and obsessive desires to achieve the un-achievable. the dark and seedy side of life    Sunset Blvd being the current musical full of intrigue and obsessive desires to achieve the un-achievable. the dark and seedy side of life 



NODA Review:


Sunset Boulevard

DATE 20th March 2024
SOCIETY Croft House Theatre Company
VENUE Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
DIRECTOR Claire Herriott
WRITTEN BY Music by ALW ; Book by Don Black & Christopher Hampton

Author: Philip Smith

Croft House Theatre Company have been performing high quality musicals since 1902 with hundreds and probably thousands of local actors taking to the stage to entertain their audiences taking on a never ending list of block buster musical productions . Sunset Blvd being the current musical full of intrigue and obsessive desires to achieve the un-achievable. A production with amazing sets, so many character parts, a musical score demanding quality voices and stamina along with musicians of the highest order. Croft House with the immense talent and experience of their Director and Choreographer  Claire Harriott pulls out every stop with such well-rehearsed direction, shaping and delivery that all the cast have taken on. The commitment to achieve these standards takes a dedicated team of actors working closely together to provide the results clearly there to see. 

Unlike many modern day shows this production, being mainly acted through song, requires additional skills, the ability to entertain the audience whilst telling an ever evolving story keeping the pace and emotion building through such deep meaningful scenes, and retaining the highest level of singing to deliver the challenging Andrew Loyd Webber score.

This is a production I hadn’t seen before but thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening , along with being delighted that you received a most deserved standing ovation.
Don’t miss this excellent production , yes different to many currently being performed but containing so much song, music ,acting , and more of.  

The remaining ensemble, taking varying cameos all performed well with clearly delivered song , lovely well-rehearsed dancing in the many and varied scenes. The discipline was clear to see along with great stage experience throughout the production. The costumes were excellent and fitted the time period well.   Guess Who supplied them!

See the full review on the NODA web site


Thespis will take your hand and lead you through the shimmery glitz and glam of Hollywood like the 50’s is still happ’nin’ right outside your door. Our award-winning costumes will set you apart from the rest.

So darling don’t be shy. It’s just L.A. life. But we only dress the best, down on Sunset Boulevard.


"NODA" reviews say it all

Sunset Boulevard is a tale of faded glory and unfulfilled ambition.

The musical originally premiered in London in 1994 in an iconic production starring Patti LuPone and Kevin Anderson, before opening in LA and Broadway starring Glenn Close. The original production was famed for its extravagant sets as well as its backstage dramas, and it became the hottest ticket of the year, if not the most talked about new musical of the decade.


Sunset Boulevard has four central characters and an expandable ensemble. With a sophisticated subject matter

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Book and Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton

Based on the Billy Wilder film



"Sunset Boulevard Costume Hire"


You can be sure when hiring from Thespis Theatrical Costumiers that you will look truly amazing in any of the Sunset Boulevard costumes from our collection, where our attention to detail, quality is second to none.


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