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Phantom of the Opera costumes

Youth productions licence UK &  International Adult Productions licences across Europe.

(Europe & EEA Countries) 

These costume have been seen in many award winning productions of this spectacular show as our testimonials testify.

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Should you require wigs or props for Phantom of the Opera to complete your show we can recommend a few companies who may be able to help.

You can be sure when hiring from Thespis Theatrical Costumiers that you will look amazing in any of the Phantom of the Opera costumes from our collection, where our quality, cleanliness and high standard of replication is second to none. We do not compromise on costume hire why should you! drop us a line or call to discuss your next show.

Lead time for this collection is at least 2 – 6 weeks as there are so many costumes to prepare for you, so book early!

Youth Group Production.
At the studios of  Thespis we are extremely proud of this lavish depiction of the Phantoms world.

Examining the nature of facade, the un-reality of the stage, the masked Phantom of the title, and the duality of costume within costume, we make use of symbolic colour palettes and silhouettes to bring this heightened world to life with anywhere between 150 – 250 costumes.

Thespis takes the hard work out of putting this show together. The standard costume set consists of 190 costumes  to include all footwear and accessories such as Venetian masks, costume jewellery, hats, canes gloves etc. as well as a list of the following props:


  1. Music monkey ( Remote controlled 10m )
  2. Spears for Roman soldiers
  3. Roman Armour
  4. 3 skulls on board for prologue
  5. Severed head for Hannibal
  6. Poster for Hannibal
  7. 3 flintlock pistols
  8. 12 flower hoops for ballet in Il Muto
  9. Powder puff box for Fop
  10. Antique hand mirror and brush for Christine’s table
  11. 2 x boar platters for Don Juan
  12. Noose for hanging of Buquet


Our costumes for Phantom of the Opera are made to reflect the periods correctly which has become our number one goal avoiding that pantomime look.


Phantom of the Opera. Act I

We are first taken into the world of the Opera Populaire, 1870, with the dress rehearsal of “Hannibal”. It is interesting to note that not all actors  are wearing their full costume as this is a rehearsal scene.

Our heroine Christine is dressed identically to the other dancing girls in a red, black and green costume with heavy  embellishments of gold .
Christine is transformed to play Elisa  on stage and steps into an elaborate red, gold full-skirted hooped “Elisa skirt”. The change of costume is synonymous with her advanced status. The costume change flows seamlessly into the next scene where Christine  is helped by her dressers to remove the Elisa skirt and is handed a beautifully sumptuous dressing gown.

In this Hannibal scene , all our the Roman armour is metal and not an imitation rubber suit giving that attention to the finer detailing that our customers have come to expect.

Our Il Muto scene is full of beautiful Restoration period costumes .Even the maids wear beautiful frilly skirts. Carlotta’s dress has been adjusted to assist with her quick change on stage whilst she is still singing and the same dress is worn again by Christine when she takes , again, the part away from Carlotta.
When the Phantom of the Opera makes its first appearance ,one gets a glimpse of his beautiful cloak which  although entirely black , is heavily beaded on the shoulders and satin lined which allows it to pick up the stage lighting beautifully ; These hues allow for dramatic contrasts, yet the subtleties can be made to show complexity. The Phantom is as much a false creation as the characters performing within the Opera –a disguise for a man who cannot face his reality. As such, his clothing, not least his mask, plays the role of a “costume”, creating a kind of acceptance – even if this acceptance is in the form of fear.

The ballet corp costumes are made by  one the world’s best ballet costume designers and can be seen on stage around the world including the Royal Opera House and change from plain rehearsal tutus to elaborate Giselle style dresses .


Phantom of the Opera. Act II

A scene pivotal in a film obsessed with deception is the Masquerade ball. Masked dancers are clad in sumptuous ball gowns and other characters. Raoul wears a military uniform befitting a classic hero. It is into this world of ideal perfection that the Phantom bursts in wearing his Red Death suit and  his skull mask extended to obscure even more of his face.

Each opera performed by the Opera House has its own period and flavour. We have the Roman Hannibal scene then the Restoration period in Il Muto and finally the Spanish set of Don Juan with Christine donned in a genuine Spanish Flamenco dress.The ensemble complements the scene in their hose an doublets for the men and the corsets and skirts for the women. The Phantom appears in this scene in a huge black cloak completely covering his identity.The cloak is specially designed so that the actor has full vision of the stage despite appearing to be covered.
In the graveyard scene Christine wears a light blue period gown with a darker blue hooded cape, accentuating sexuality. As this is the Phantom’s opera, it could be read as his vision of Christine. Yet when he kidnaps her, he immediately has her change into a pure white wedding dress; his fascination is with her virtue.

The actors now remain in character for the rest of the show.

We have given minor characters the same detailed costumes so that the Chief of Police is distinguishable from his staff and the firemen wear appropriate costumes and period helmets.We are able to supply your group the gun that is fired in the closing stages of the play.It connects to your sound deck and triggers the sound effect when the trigger is pulled.This is a new addition to our costume set to perfect the illusion of a gun being fired.

We can also supply the Phantom of the Opera Monkey (“Phantom of the Opera-monkey Link ) music box for your production. It can be operated either manually or by remote control. Please see our downloads area for detailed operating instructions.

“If you’re going to do it, do it right”


 News : Thespis supply all costumes for 2018 production of  “The Phantom of the Opera”    Iceland


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