Phantom of the Opera Coventry YOG

Phantom of the Opera Coventry YOG

NODA Review


Author: Annette Nuttall

This is one of a growing number of musicals that has been released for youth and school productions only. However there is nothing simple or small about putting on this show, it is a challenge from the word go.

The story of a young aspiring singer and her unusual singing teacher, a beauty and the beast tale set in the Paris opera, is identical to the professional version. The challenge comes in taking the high budget moments of the show and transferring them to an amateur stage and budget. Coventry YOG rose to this challenge admirably.

From the moment the chandelier rose to the ceiling to the end with a disappearing Phantom, this production was visual feast. The sets were detailed and the costumes a delight. The companies’ wigs were, on the whole, perfect for the piece.

This young cast has talent beyond it’s years, for much of the time I forgot I was watching a youth production. The Principals were all perfectly cast, the Phantom was both chilling and vulnerable, Christine’s high notes rang out like a bell and were not shied away from. The diva Carlotta was expertly portrayed. The harmonies from the ensemble were wonderful and the dancing beautiful. Masquerade at the beginning of the second act was stunning.

Everyone involved in this production deserves to feel proud of the result, the hard work and effort put into the show shone through, the end result was a joy.

Coventry Youth Operetta Group YOG Albany Theatre - 6 May 2015 Producer - Steve Boden - Musical Director Charles Withall 04/11/2015

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