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Terms and Conditions of Hire

ORDERS are accepted by “Thespis Theatrical Costumiers Ltd” (referred to as ‘Thespis.’ hereafter) on the specific understanding that customers (referred to as the ‘Hirer’ hereafter) accept these terms and conditions by placing any order to hire on the form at the bottom of this agreement. The Hirer, although a representative of their organisation will be held personally responsible for the costumes while in their possession and during transit. Thespis also reserves the right to refuse to enter into any hire agreement.

A ‘COSTUME’ is all or any article of clothing comprising the clothing for a character in any show, play or entertainment and will include any agreed accessories. Thespis must be notified within 72 hours of delivery of missing, damaged, and non-fitting costumes or accessories after this period charges will apply.   All costumes remain in the ownership of Thespis.

WIGS  are not included in shows, we can recommend a supplier.

MAGNETS  Some costumes may contain real earth high strength magnets these can cause problems with pacemakers. Please advise the person concerned of these magnets or make an announcement during directors notes. It should also be noted that these magnets should not come in close proximity with data storage device or media.

We will endeavor to place MAGNETS WARNING signs on the costumes and enclosed further warnings within the delivery paper work.

THE COSTUME PLOT  is a generic plot and is for use as a guide and may change subject to availability and actors’ size and build.


PHANTOM OF THE OPERA   The mask of Phantom is not supplied as this needs to be made to fit the actor.


FOOTWEAR  is not automatically supplied by Thespis, however, where requested, new or second hand footwear may be sourced and provided at an additional charge. Ballet points/ Ballet shoes / Tap shoes are not supplied. Outsize footwear:  Greater than Size 12 men’s shoe or woman’s size 8 we may be able to accommodate.



ANY INJURY We accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, death or damage to a third party, persons or property caused by use of goods hired under this agreement. In the event of any matter being tested at law as a result of the Hirer’s failure to comply with any of these conditions, the Hirer agrees to pay the company’s costs in this matter. The Hirer must implement adequate health, and safety procedures.


CONSULTATION / VISITS At Thespis we are very happy to take enquiries via telephone and e-mail, but if a person to person visit to our studio is requested then this is by appointment only.

INSURANCE is the Hirer’s responsibility. The Hirer is responsible for the costume/hired items and will indemnify Thespis for all any loss or damage by or wilful damage to them throughout the hire period, including inward or outward carriage. The Hirer is therefore advised to obtain suitable insurance to cover the full replacement value of the hired items. Thespis reserves the right to request proof of insurance.  Thespis will advise as to the full replacement value, if required. The Hirer shall pay to the owner all expenses, including legal costs, on a full indemnity basis incurred by the owner in ascertaining the whereabouts of the goods or taking possession of them by breach of any of these conditions by the hirer. The Hirer will ensure that “Thespis” costumes are insured with the appropriate level of cover and with a company who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, such as NODA Insurance. Hirers must ensure that their policy covers costume rental.

HIRE PERIOD is the agreed length of time, including transportation that the Hirer is in possession of the items. Quotations/estimates are usually based on a 10 day hire period, at the time of booking, dates and times for delivery and returns are agreed. If the Hirer needs longer than 10 days e.g. to enable fittings, then this can be discussed with Thespis at that time. Costumes ordered and not used are subject to a hire charge unless a reduction is negotiated before being dispatched. Thespis must be notified within 72 hours of delivery of missing, damaged, and non-fitting costumes or accessories after this period charges will apply.

PROCEDURES The Hirer must put in place procedures to ensure that costumes are well maintained, well cared for and treated with respect. Damage caused through any misuse (including personal hygiene issues) may be charged at the full replacement value. In a dispute with regards to damage, the decision as to the total replacement value or recompense remains with Thespis and will be final. The goods shall remain the absolute property of the owner and no interest in the goods shall accrue to the Hirer. Telephone enquiries do not constitute orders until confirmed by our confirmation form, but are used solely to check the availability of the costumes, unless by special arrangement. The Hirer shall keep the goods in his possession and control and shall notify the owner of any change in his address and upon request by the owner promptly notify the where about of the goods. Should the Hirer make any default in payment of any of the instalments of rental or shall fail to observe any of these conditions, the owner may, by notice in writing, sent to the Hirer by pre-paid post to his last known address determine the hiring, whereupon the Hirer shall no longer be in possession of the goods with the owner’s consent and, thereafter, the owner may without notice re-possess the goods and for that purpose, may without previous notice enter upon any premises in which the goods are believed to be situated.


COSTUME CARE, EATING, DRINKING AND SMOKING in costume is strictly prohibited. Water is the only exception. This does not include on-stage requirements. Please be aware that any damage caused in this way may still be charged at the full replacement value.   Customers wear “Thespis” boots and shoes at their own risk and are hired as seen. Socks or tights must be worn. Clients must wear underwear and use deodorant whilst wearing Thespis costumes. Costumes must be stored on appropriate hangers & not left lying around. The Hirer must not attach sticky labels or badges to any part of the costume or on hangers provided. Certain spray tan and tanning products cannot be removed from costumes or require extra cleaning / dry cleaning. Additional cleaning / replacement charges may apply. Stage Blood Products. Please check that they are washable as some leave stains.

The Hirer must not adapt the costume in any form including sewing, gluing or ironing, except by an assigned wardrobe person from the company hiring Thespis costume(s) and who has been approved by Thespis. See Alteration clause re damage to barcodes,

FIRE PROOFING Thespis cannot guarantee that every costume is fireproofed. Care must be taken when wearing our costumes in this regard.

FIT OF COSTUMES Whilst every endeavour will be made to supply costumes to fit with the measurements provided, fit can only be guaranteed if a costume has been specifically fitted by Thespis. Please take care when measuring your artistes, remembering to consider the purpose for which the costume is intended and for a comfortable fit. A refund will not been given for ill-fitting costumes, but in some cases extra items may be provided at no extra charge. This is at the discretion of Thespis. Fittings can be arranged with Thespis and we highly recommend this service particularly for principal and character roles. Fittings will take place where specified by Thespis and a charge will be made for this service (including expenses and alteration costs.) There will be exception as this our interpretation of the costume / show requirement / licencing needs of the production. Costumes outlined are in standard adult sizes or youth where needed – extremely large or small sizes may not be available, but if time allows and additional charge, we will endeavour to accommodate. Specific colours and fabrics are not described due to new designs and availability in our stock. Styles and accessories may vary.

MEASUREMENT FORMS These can be provided on request to our e-mail address. Our preferred method of collecting measurement data is by our secure online automated measurement system (Backstage tab). Note that the data collected is not retained longer than 3 months after the hire has finished.

ALTERATIONS by the Hirer are strictly prohibited. Thespis makes every endeavors to send costumes that match measurements received. Thespis also tries to make costumes as multi sized as possible, whilst maintaining the correct look of the costume. Hirers must contact Thespis for advice before undertaking any alterations, so they can be sanctioned or it may be possible to provide an alternative item. Any alterations undertaken must be removed before costumes are returned. Should alterations have taken place without sanction and/or damage caused to the costume, then Thespis reserve the right to charge the Hirer the full replacement value of the item(s). Most items are bar-coded for identification / stock control purposes  do not remove or stick labels over the bar-code as this damages them and they become unreadable. £ 5.00 admin charge per damaged bar code label.

PRESSING, STEAMING AND WASHING. While Thespis endeavors to send out costumes in a presentable manner, it is not always possible for them to be in a stage wearable condition upon arrival. It may be necessary to press or steam costumes to look at their best on stage. Please take care as any damage caused by ironing, steaming will be charged at the full replacement value of the item(s). Please do not wash, tumble dry or launder any costumes without permission from Thespis. Please contact Thespis if the Hirer has any doubts.

QUALITY. At Thespis we aim to provide high quality costumes. For this reason we have specific rules for our costumes to try and maintain them to look their best and to be able to be enjoyed by other hirers in the future. With your help we can fulfill this!

DESIGN AND MAKE TO HIRE SERVICE. Costumes can be made to specific requirements. An estimate for this will be provided on request. Design, make, hire charges and fitting costs will be included in the estimate. All costumes will remain the property of Thespis. This service is only available for principals and character roles and will require sufficient time. Please be aware of this when planning your production schedule. A 50% deposit will be required for this service.

A HOLDING DEPOSIT will be required at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable. This will be 25% of the estimate/invoice for the full hire. This will be deducted from the final hire invoice. Work will not commence on a show unless both contract and holding deposits have been received.

CANCELLATION In the event of a cancellation the holding deposit will no longer be refundable. If the cancellation occurs less than 4 weeks prior to commencement of hire period then full hire charges will become due and owing to Thespis.

THE HIRE DEPOSIT The Hire deposit is 50% of the final hire invoice and this is fully refundable on return of items in a satisfactory condition and on time. We aim to refund this in no more than 3-4 weeks after arrival of the hired items exception to this rule is when the show comprises of over 100 costumes in which case 3 – 8 weeks may be taken. If there is an issue regarding condition (or any missing items), the Hirer will be notified as soon as possible. The Hire deposit is not to be regarded as the full replacement value of item(s) hired. The Hire deposit will only be refunded when every hired item has been returned and checked to verify its state and condition. This also applies to all accessories provided, including but not exclusively, gloves, lacings and any hosiery. The Hire deposit will be repaid by internet transfer (please ensure we have your bank details). Costumes must be packed for return as they have been sent. This means individually wrapped and as specific sets with any hangers or boxes provided and all outer packaging. This payment is due to be paid with the hire balance before costumes are despatched.

RETURNS The Hirer must repack all articles securely and label them adequately as Returning Costumes1. Extreme care must be taken when packing costumes for return shipment. The majority of damage in any costume rental is the direct result of improper packing; therefore, the following should be noted:• When unpacking, take particular note of how items are packed, and repacked in the in same manner.• Hats should be packed together in a separate box – not with other costumes or pieces that might crush them.• Costumes must never be packed when damp. Failure to observe these points will result in a charge to the customer. Keep shoes in pairs .Costumes must be returned to Thespis using a ‘Proof of delivery’ service.

PAYMENTS SCHEDULE Non-Refundable Holding deposit 25% of final invoice. Hire Balance (75% (plus any extras) of final invoice) and Refundable Hire Deposit (50% of final invoice) refunded within 3 – 8 weeks on return of all costumes in reasonable and good condition. Peak seasons may be slightly longer. All payments must be received before costumes are dispatched.

On Booking             Holding deposit       25%         deducted from final hire invoice unless cancellation

On Booking             Hire Deposit            50%         We aim to refunded deposit once all items returned and checked in.

Prior to despatch  Hire Balance         75%        

LATE RETURN FEES If costumes/hired items are not returned by the agreed due return date and time then a late fee and/or additional hire may be applied. Thespis will charge 50% of hire cost for each additional week or part thereof and in addition there will be an administration charge of £25.00 levied for each missed courier or Thespis collection. Late returns can have a serious impact on the next hiring out.

CARRIAGE/COURIER These fees are fully chargeable to the Hirer and will be itemised separately on the estimate/final bill. Estimates can and will be provided to the Hirer. If Hirer should wish to collect/deliver the hired items, then this must be arranged with Thespis in advance. A suitable vehicle will be needed to accommodate large boxes and clothes rails etc.

DELIVERIES / COLLECTIONS  Are only to the kerb or loading bay by our employees . Suitable arrangements should be made to carry costumes into the premises / theatre. Please advise if there are any parking issues when booking delivery, as a council parking permit may be required.

Delivery Options. Depending on your location, the size and weight of the item(s) we also have a number of other delivery options available:

Pallet deliveries:

 All of our pallet deliveries are undertaken by third party pallet delivery services. Standard delivery time for pallet deliveries is 2 to 5 working days. All pallet deliveries will be made between 8am to 5pm weekdays, excluding public holidays. We will agree a delivery date with you in advance of dispatching your order. Sufficient access for a large tail lift vehicle is required. Level surface required for unloading. The max size of a pallet is deemed to be Standard L 1.2m x W 1.0 m x H 2.0 M with a max weight 1 ton if this option is required the hirer would also need to have the capability of re-palleting for return. The costumes are normally boxed in a magnum size collapsible pallet crate/ Dolav pallet crate or tour flight cases and are reused for the return of goods. Deliveries will be made using a tail lift vehicle and pallet pump truck to kerbside only. This means that the delivery vehicle will offload as close as possible to the property. If there is no suitable standing area or there is restricted access to the property, the goods may be offloaded on to the kerb. Delivery can only be made where there is a flat, solid surface available; this includes the access road to the delivery address. Pallet pump trucks cannot be manoeuvred over any uneven surfaces including grass, gravel, inclines or declines. There should be someone available to accept and sign for the delivery. If there is no one available, the courier may arrange to leave the goods at the property in a safe place.  If there is no secure area to leave the goods and you cannot be contacted on the day of delivery you may incur a re-delivery charge.

With permission from the customer and at the driver’s discretion, goods may be offloaded directly on to your premises providing there is a suitable hardstanding area available such as a tarmac driveway. However please note that any damages caused to the goods and/or any property is not the responsibility Thespis. All goods must be thoroughly inspected on delivery and any issues must be reported immediately to Thespis by telephone and in writing/by email. In the unlikely event that any goods are damaged on arrival, this must be indicated when signing for the delivery and photographs of any damage must be emailed to Thespis. We will always try to request that our pallet delivery companies call you approximately 1 hour prior to the delivery being made. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure we have the correct telephone contact number. We strongly recommend you do not arrange to have tradesmen or contractors on site until after goods have been delivered and thoroughly inspected. Thespis cannot be held liable for any costs.

Courier deliveries:   

Smaller and less bulky items may be dispatched via a Parcel force or nationwide courier service. All courier deliveries will be made between 7am to 7pm weekdays, excluding public holidays.  On occasions where a recipient is not available to receive and sign for a delivery, a card will be left. Following this another two delivery attempts will be made unless the courier is instructed otherwise by the recipient. After a third unsuccessful delivery attempt is made your order will be returned back to ourselves and you may incur a resending charge. Should you require the item to be dispatched again a re-delivery charge will be applicable. It is always advisable to supply your telephone contact number as the courier may attempt to contact you in the event of a failed delivery.

A nationwide courier service for smaller items. Palletised delivery for larger / heavier items.

Delivery using our own vehicles normally a long wheel based high roof van.

Collection in person from our premises. Please contact us if you have any queries about any of our delivery options and which is most suitable for your product(s) and location.

MISSED DELIVERIES & COLLECTIONS Where couriers have been arranged by Thespis but the hirer has failed to accept the delivery / collection due non-attendance at the agreed date/time at the arranged point, Thespis will charge a £25.00 administration fee for rearranging the collection /delivery.

In the case where Thespis are delivering/collecting and the hirer fails to be at the pre-arranged address, our driver will wait for the 1 hour free of charge and, if agreed, will wait further at a charge of £45 per hour or part thereof. Where the delivery/collection fails due non-attendance and rebooking is required, the cost will be recharged at the full rate. |If free delivery deal then this will be forfeited and £50.00 per hour will be charged to a maximum of £250.00. Night deliveries / collection are possible but may attract a surcharge. Please request when booking..

RESPONSIBILITY will not be accepted by Thespis for any consequential loss or damage caused by errors, or by delay in delivery, or from any other cause including acts of nature. However, Thespis always does their upmost to fulfil every order in a timely fashion.

FORCE MAJEURE Every effort will be made to carry out any contract, or order based on a quotation/estimate, but the due performance of its subject to variation or cancellation owing to an Act of God, weather, war, strikes or union action, lock outs, fire or any other cause beyond control.

ARMOURY / GUNS Conditions can be found on the gun store web site page regarding sale or hire of restricted replica weapons and references to the :  Act 2006 (VCRA). Article 36 ~ 40.


PHOTOS OF PRODUCTIONS When undertaking shows / production / events we may occasionally request photos of actors wearing the Thespis costumes for use in Thespis Advertising / Web Site / online and video-based marketing materials, as well as other Thespis publications.

A general photography release form can be supplied upon request.

FULL PAYMENT and settlement of accounts including all deposits must be made before the costumes are despatched. Late payment of goods is governed by the ‘Late payment of commercial debts act 1998’. A late payment is deemed as being 7 days after the payment due date as set out on the invoice and is calculated using the calculation, Debt x interest rate x number of days late / 365. The interest rate as set out in the act is 8% plus the current national reference rate.



ADVERTISING CREDITS.  Credit as Costumier to be given on all production literature using the following wording,


“Costumes supplied by Thespis Theatrical Costumiers Ltd “




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