Elizabethan Costume

Royal Shakespeare Company Elizabethan Costume

A new acquisition to the Thespis collection.A beautifully made costume by the Royal Shakespeare Company.The bodice is beautifully corseted and fitting tightly into the waist and laces up at the back.It has a very full skirt and lovely shaped sleeves.Incredibly  heavy!



No Mans Land

No Man’s Land

No Man's Land-0

Legends of stage and screen Patrick Stewart (X-Men) and Sir Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings) return to the West End in Harold Pinter’s comic tour de force No Man’s Land.

First produced over forty years ago, No Man’s Land unites two ageing writers Hirst and Spooner for one night of hard drinking and fast talking. As the alcohol continues to flow and the stories continue to pile up, Hirst and Spooner’s animated discussion takes a darker turn and two menacing younger men turn up to join them.

Following a sold-out run on Broadway, Sean Mathias’ celebrated revival honours Pinter’s unflinching gaze into the void. No Man’s Land delves deep into the Nobel laureate’s favourite themes, such as the frailty of memory and the perennial struggle that is human interaction, but remains vibrant, rich and comic. While other playwrights typically wrestle with these themes in sombre, sententious tones, Pinter’s absurdist masterpiece is funny and clear and is performed to perfection by Stewart and McKellen in this latest, striking production.

Playing at London’s Wyndham’s Theatre from September, No Man’s Land brings together two superstar actors in one extraordinary play. Don’t miss out, book your tickets today.

“Harold Pinter’s masterpiece is back in a glowing revival.” – Time Out New York
“An irresistible celebration of two actors’ love affairs with their scripts.” – New York Times


Carmen High

Carmen High   T T T T T

Carmen High+edinburgh+fringe+festival,Thespis=blog,Thespis+costume+hire,Costume+hire,stephanie vlahos
Carmen High

Carmen High is a theatrical mash up of opera, hip hop,original songs and classical music that reinvents the opera of Carmen. It is a powerful story about a popular mean girl( we all know them , don’t we?) who jokingly dates a high school outcast. A story of fitting in and not fitting in, being bullied , being popular, peer pressures, pop culture, friendship and rape.Carmen High is conceived in concept, lyrics and dialogue by Stephanie Vlahos and features the music from the Bizet opera with original songs.Georgia Mendes who plays Carmen is a credible seductress and the centre of attention of all the boys. There are some very promising voices in this group and under Stephanie Vlahos ‘ direction they hit all the right notes.Fabulous production.Hope to see them back next year at the Fringe.

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating  5/5




Benjamin Britten’s Little Sweep

Little Sweep   T T T T


Well done to Adrian Connell and the cast of Little Sweep who achieved a fab 4 star review for their production of Little Sweep at the Ed Fringe.This is not an mean feat if you look at the number of shows that barely scraped one or two stars together! Anyway, I have re-blogged the review below for all to read:

Little Sweep Review Edinburgh 2016

4 Star

Show details

Venue: Augustine Unmited Church

Company : Norfolk Youth Music Theatre

Running Time : 60 mins

Production: Adrian Connell( Director, Musical Director and Pianist)

Clean sweep as Norfolk Youth Theatre step up the musical ladder to present Benjamin Britten’s opera about a genteel family , re-enacting a family legend of how they saved one small child from a life going up the chimneys of big houses.The production has a mainly young cast who sing the opera after an opening scene when they hear a favourite tale in the nursery on a wet afternoon.The tale is that the girls of the house along with their cousins rescue Sam , a nine year old , who has been sold to Black Bob , a brutal sweep master, by his father in order to put food on the family table.This is Sam’s first day and he gets stuck up the first chimney he climbs.Once he is rescued and cleaned up he is smuggled out the next morning in the visiting family’s luggage.The opera is beautifully sung by the cast with Rowan , the nursery maid played by Isabella Pitman to the fore with some of the most challenging parts.This is a scaled down production for NYMT but what lacks in cast numbers it makes up by rising to the challenge of operatic singing.

Bubble Revolution

Bubble Revolution    T T T T T 

Bubble+Revolution,Kasia Lech, Edinburgh+Fringe+Festival+review,Thespis+review,Thespis+costume+hire,Costumiers
Bubble Revolution
This was our first performance of the day.It is a one-woman revolutionary fairy tale about growing up during and after the fall of communism in Poland.

55 years after Berlin Wall divided Europe, 27 years after communism collapsed,

It relates a story of a girl wanting to be Michael Jackson, an adolescent experiencing cheap wine and bad sexit is a story of a woman dreaming about love .Bubble Revolution is the story of Wiktoria who wanted to be called something more exotic like Claudia or Samantha (even without the “th”) and her journey through a magical land filled with memories,colours,scents and sounds of the past. Oh and Nutella! Interspersed with Polish sentences Wiktoria recalls her father’s bedtime stories about launching a “naughty ” Lenin to Mars, ponders about the importance of bubble gum in her life and the excitement felt when finally being able to visit the West (Norway) filling the car with cans of Coca Cola, Sprite and Tonic.It was probably the best show we watched that day.Wiktoria was played by Kasia Lech and performed in English with a Polish accent and a slight touch of Irish. Very poignant performance with an unexpected ending. A must see!!!

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating   5/5

New Town Theatre (Venue 7)     13:45 55 minutes      Suitability: 14+ Guide         Group: Polish Theatre Ireland


My Leonard Cohen

My Leonard Cohen    T T T 

tribute+Leonard+Cohen,songs of Leonard Cohen ,Stewart D'Arrietta' s six piece band,Thespis+review,Edinburgh+Fringe+festival+review+My+Leonard+Cohen,Thespis+costume+hire
A tribute to the songs of Leonard Cohen

A tribute to the songs of Leonard Cohen performed by Stewart D’Arrietta’ s six piece band. Having seen a tribute show to Simon and Garfunkle last year where the guys sounded totally like them , we were perhaps expecting more of the same with this one .However, Stewart sounded more like Louis Armstrong than Leonard Cohen at times and the songs were more his interpretation rather than copy of Leonard Cohen. Not a fan of a Rod Stewart style gruff voice but audience seem to like it. Oh well, some you win some you lose.

Thespis Rating  3/5

Assembly Hall  (Venue 35)  16:30, 18:15    1 hour 15 minutes       Suitability: 12+        Group: Stewart D’Arrietta

Worbey & Farrells Rhapsody

Worbey and Farrells Rhapsody    T T T T T

 Worbey and Farrell,Edinburgh+fringe+festival,Edinburgh Fringe +Review,Thespis+Costume,Costume +hire
.Utterly dazzling!


Worbey & Farrells Rhapsody. Our second performance of the day .This duo bring their unique style to the world greatest music ranging from Liszt to Queen.An amazing show that one minute throws you into fits of laughter and the next moves you to tears. Utterly dazzling!

M Bicknell

Thespis  5/5



Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland  Musical 9 to Edinburgh Fringe Festival    T T T T T 

9 to 5 musical,Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,Edinburgh+fringe+Festival+reviews,Thesips+blog+costume+hire,Costume+hire,Dolly Parton,
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland — 9 to 5
Today we kicked off the day with the feel-good musical 9 to 5 performed by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Based on the 1980s cult movie with Dolly Parton , it featured original music from Dolly Parton’s score.A clever use of the set made all the scene changes seamless and unobtrusive.You can not but fill houses with a musical like that at the Fringe.Awesome!!

Thespis Rating 5/5

The Games a Foot

Games+afoot+review+Edinburgh +fringe+Thespis+costume hire,Tom Taylor
The Game’s a Foot    T T T T T

The Game’s a Foot

This spectacular show was followed by a more sedate theatre production called “The game’s a foot,Try the fish”it was a hilarious one-man performance by award-winning comedian and writer Tom Taylor.It was a cross between an Agatha Christie and a PG Woodhouse novel.There were plenty of laughs in this 1920s/1930s murder mystery.n Thespis Rating 5/5

Tom Taylor,Edinburgh+fringe+review,Thespis +theatrical+costumiers,Costume+hire+Edinburgh+period+costumes+plays
Comedian and writer Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor,Edinburgh+Review,Edinburgh+Fringe+review,Thespis+costume +hire,Thespis+review+blog+Edinburgh 2016
Tom Taylor

360 Allstars

360 Allstars  Edinburgh Fringe Review 2016        T T T T 


360 Allstars, Thespis+review+Edinburgh+ fringe +festival+Bicknell
360 Allstars
The last two days have been full on packed with a variety of events that you can only experience at the Fringe.Yesterday we started the day with the action packed show “360 Allstars”.This is a phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation.Boasting a stellar international cast , including world champion athletes and world class performers, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical reinvention of circus.It was energetic, loud and a great show for the whole family.

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating  4/5

Assembly Hall (Venue 35) 16:20 Aug 10-14, 16-29 1 hourSuitability: U

360 Allstars+review+edinburgh+fringre
360 Allstars



Variety is the spice of life


Tonight our final show this evening. The Blues Brothers-Live. Will give my review tomorrow.

Dusting off the shades!!

It seems to me that the standard of performances is getting higher every year at the Fringe or we are just getting better at picking the winners!!

Out Of The Blue  

Out Of The Blue     T T T T T 

acapella band+oxford,Thespis+review,Out+of+the+blue,Costume+hire+specialist,Edinburgh+fringe+festival +2016
Acapella boy band from Oxford University

Then …..Out of the blue…

13th run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

No not some surprise but the name of an acapella boy band from Oxford.These acapella bands are definitely the “in” thing this year at the Fringe .Who said you could be too old to go and see a boyband????? These 12 charming lads are all students at Oxford and are at the Fringe for the 13th year running.The proceeds of their performances and sales of cds all go to a local charity and a retiring collection is held at the end of each performance. It is a very entertaining family show! Would definitely recommend them.Great atmosphere and great music.These guys continue to fill large venues. I have followed this group for 8 years and they never disappoint they have become a high lite of the the festival.

Out of the Blue is proud that their show is supporting Helen & Douglas House, the world’s first children’s hospice, based near their Oxford home

Assembly, George Square Theatre.   (Venue 8)   14:45 Aug 10-15, 17-29         50 minutes          Suitability: U

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating : 5/5

It’s an illusion    

It’s an illusion    T T T T T

Set at the exclusive 28 Queen Street,home of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society,the Illusionist ‘s Table is more than just a great dinner.It is home to a mouth watering number of exclusively bottled , cask strength single malts .Our host for the evening was the acclaimed magician and illusionist Scott Silven.We arrived not knowing what to expect and were soon shepherded up a number of flights of stairs to a private room on the top floor.A beautifully laid table greeted us and name places indicated the seating arrangements. It very much felt like attending a dinner at a grand house. Scott was seated at the end of the table   and  after preliminary introductions the first course arrived. I would not like to spoil the evening for anyone going to dinner with Scott so will say very little about his “act” other than it was totally mindblowing.The food was excellent and drams of whiskey were served in between.What started out as a table full of disparate people ended up an amazing evening with people you felt were your best friends. You have to go to experience this as it is indescribable.

M Bicknell

Thespis Rating 5/5  



The second day at the Fringe started relatively relaxed.A nice stroll down the Royal Mile to watch some performers, a coffee and cake at Valeries and then a visit to the Royal Museum of Scotland. Last year they had a fabulous exhibition of Pringle through the ages with some amazing knitted garments on display.This year a Fashion and Style exhibition was equally as interesting but poor lighting ( reduced to preserve some of the  very antique fabrics) made it challenging to read the accompanying narrative.However, the garments on display were just stunning and I have included a selection of what was there ranging from the 17th Century through to the 1930s.

Let The Festival Begin

After a journey of 7 hours , I have finally arrived in Riego street.This is the ED Napier Uni student accommodation where we have been staying since we started coming to the Fringe (about a decade ago!). The accommodation is very basic. But clean and very conveniently located.
Today will be just settling in and do a shop and collect my partners in crime for the week from the airport.Need to locate some glasses and a frying pan.Kitchen is rather sparsely equipped.Tomorrow our festival kicks off.In the evening we have a table booked “At the Illusionist’s Table” where thoughts transcend , whiskey materialises and dreams are revealed.Scott Silven hosts an evening of fine dining , whiskey tasting and illusions.Can’t wait.Will decide tonight on the programme during the day.Not exactly short of choice!
Ed is already buzzing and streets are crowded.It promises to be a great Fest!