Medici Masters of Florence Series 2

Medici Masters of Florence Series 2

It is not very often that we brag about our children but on this occasion, we shall make an exception.

Well done to Callum (Blake )  who, for the past 6 weeks, has been in and out of various locations in Italy filming Season 2 of the Medici in the role of Carlo de Medici. That`s all we can say till release.


Medici: Masters of Florence is an Italian-British television drama series about the Medici dynasty set in 15th-century Florence, starring Dustin Hoffman as Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici, Richard Madden as Cosimo de’ Medici, and Stuart Martin as Lorenzo de’ Medici (The Elder). The series was co-created by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files and Man in the High Castle) and Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (The Pillars of the Earth) directed all eight episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 aired on Rai 1 (Italian TV) on 18 October 2016. According to Italian ratings compiler Auditel, it attracted record 7.6 million viewers. The first season consists of eight episodes.

Winner of the 2016 Capri TV Series Award.Production company(s) Lux Vide
Big Light Productions
Rai Fiction

The show has been renewed for a second season, with Sean Bean appearing as Jacopo de’ Pazzi. It is broadcast in several countries around the world.Daniel Sharman has been cast as the young Lorenzo the Magnificent and Bradley James as his brother Giuliano.  Callum Blake as  Carlo Medici.

The first series is set in the 15th-century Florence, and the protagonist is Cosimo the Elder who was elected head of the Florentine Republic in 1434. Cosimo has inherited the Bank of Medici from his father Giovanni, who has been mysteriously poisoned. Through various flashbacks (20 years prior), we are introduced to Florence at the time of Giovanni, and to his relationship with his sons Cosimo and Lorenzo.


Look out for updates and photos.

Phantom of the Opera Malta


Congratulations to the Grapevine Music Group Malta for a very successful production of Phantom of the Opera!

Thespis shipped the whole costume set in 10 pallet boxes containing 220+ costumes and props to Malta , expedited and sponsored by Kevin Attard , managing director of Attard Holdings. 

Tons of Great reviews! Hope to see you all back next year. A Few snippets!

Rachel Camilleri Voices, orchestra, sound, lighting, costumes were breathtaking…what talent! 

Phantom of the opera costume hire
Thespis Costumes shipped to Malta


Baptised by The Phantom, driven by genius, enlightened by passion.

The Phantom Of The Opera in Concert’s conductor Ryan Abela.

Malta, 2017.

Angela Cassar The show was great! Bravi Bravissimi to all involved! 

Grapevine Music Group Malta
Thespis costume hire, supply costumes to Malta Phantom of the Opera. Photos by Viktor Vella

Mario Mifsud Went to the show on Friday. The cast was magnificent, the talent of all, out of this world. Well done to all

Daniela Mallia

Daniela Mallia Well done to everyone. It was a great show. Can’t wait for the next one. The music was amazing. The singers were very talented and got me lots of goosebumps, the dancers were very good. What else? Thank you for a marvellous night.

Daizy Bonavia

there are no words to fully express this performance. to say it was awesome is an understatement. BRILLIANT the part of Christine was played by an angel because no mortal has a voice as she. Phantom was divine. a truly mesmerising evening.

Sharon Cauchi

What a treat! Very professional performance, amazing voices and beautiful presentation.

Well done to all at Thespis !! The reviews speak volumes.!!


Hairspray Costumes


Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 was created by Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, Thomas De Angelis and Clemence Williams. Fed up with the limited and anachronistic roles for women in opera, the creators sought to develop a new work. Their sole ambition was to use the music of opera greats, and craft a new show for their generation.

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh
Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh is an original, all-female opera. Set inside a publicly accessible women’s bathroom, Chamber Pot Opera tells the story of three women who meet there by chance, late one night.

In traditional opera, female characters are generally classed as one of three types; they’re either witches, bitches or breeches. Chamber Pot Opera skewers this age-old trope, granting its all-female cast the agency, power and potential to tell their own stories, solve their own problems and express themselves in a unique way. The show’s contemporary story line features a survivor of domestic abuse, a queer woman on a first date and a successful female executive.

Each of them sing of a shared female experience, creating a show for opera aficionados and novices alike.

Chamber Pot Opera tells the story of three women who meet for the first time in a public bathroom. One is in an abusive relationship, another is terrified that she has come on too strong on a date, and the third has been promoted through the glass ceiling to land her dream job. Together they sing of shared histories, traumas and fantasies using a catalogue of popular music from the operas of Puccini, Mozart and Bizet.

We have sat in some weird and wonderful venues at the Fringe. In fact, it is something we have come to expect from the Fringe but none have been as bizarre as this one : Men’s toilets at the Assembly Hall, seating just about 8 people plus standing room for 4 or 5 more. The action is inches away from you but it works so well as a location that you soon forget where you are as you immerse yourself in the drama unfolding before you and singing begins.The stories are told through existing music in the fashion of Mamma Mia but with accomplished singers.

One of the best shows we have seen at the Fringe.

Thespis Awards this show : T T T T T + A must see production !

M Bicknell

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 Reviews

Curse of Cranholm Abbey

Cranholm abbey fringe
Curse of Cranholm Abbey

Curse of Cranholm Abbey

Doors creak and dust falls; Curse of Cranholme Abbey has awoken once more. The ‘superbly talented young group. Pleasance presents a tale of intrigue and horror as the past and present collide. Distant screams echo from the east wing. The clock ticks. Time stands still. Peeling back the wallpaper, our heroes unravel the Abbey’s terrible secrets as the curse threatens to destroy them all. With their trademark large-scale ensemble cast and ‘production values way above anything in Edinburgh, Young Pleasance have created yet another piece to chill and thrill this summer!.




Our second day at the Fringe began with a visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Having visited the Fringe for the past 10 years or so, this visit was always on our agenda but somehow we never managed it until now. Great morning out and tea and cakes on board the HMY Britannia.

After that we headed back into town for a spot of lunch outside on a terrace on the Grassmarket ( we were lucky -the rain held off! ) then a leisurely walk to our next venue The Pleasance Courtyard. The Curse of Cranholme Abbey was well attended-pretty much a full house .Great for the cast but it made the theatre exceptionally hot and stuffy! However, when the performance began, all that was forgotten. Very clever writing and well rehearsed performance from the group. Timing of entry on stage was crucial and well executed by all. Fast paced and a couple of sound-effects making the little girls sitting next to me squeal. Good production, well cast and really well worth seeing!

Thespis gave this show: T T T T T

M Bicknell

Curse of Cranholm Abbey


Edinburgh Fringe Festival Blog 2017 Thespis

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Blog 2017 Thespis

Thespis costume hire
Edinburgh Fringe Festival Blog 2017 Thespis

Thespis Theatrical Costumiers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 Thespis. It is that time again! We are the Edinburgh Fringe Fest for mayhem, madness and Made in Dagenham. supporting the Norfolk Youth Music Theatre in their production of this hit musical about the 1960`s strike of underpaid women at Ford, which became a beacon for the rights of working women. Their show runs from Monday 7th August to Saturday 12th at Venue 152 (  Paradise in Augustine’s ).

Our day started with a leisurely breakfast at the “Look” cafe where we have been patrons for many years. Great selection of breakfast dishes available at a reasonable price, then our first stroll down the Royal Mile to soak up the atmosphere. We had pre-booked our first show which was “ All quiet on the Western Front”.by Incognito theatre. It is a tale that exposes the harrowing reality of trench warfare. I had seen this play at last year’s Fringe Festival and had to see it again. The performance of the 5 lads was just as impressive as I remembered it last year. A must see for anyone visiting the Fringe!



Before we were due at the Pleasance Dome for this performance we decided to have a wander around the courtyards where you can find all the eateries and watering holes. I very quickly spotted the Hendriks gin tent which looked rather inviting so we decided to have a pre-theatre drink of gin and tonic. We are on holiday after all! In true Ed Fest spirit 9 excuse the pun) , this turned out to be something quite different as soon after sitting down to sip our Hendriks , we were invited to the “Hendriks Laboratory” by a couple of chaps clearly there to lure in unsuspecting punters. Bemused we decided to follow them for what was hailed as “ a life changing experience” All very tongue in cheek of course. On entering the so-called laboratory, we were faced with wooden boxes each containing 3 cucumbers which in turn were wired to a laptop. On each box was also a headset with earphones. All very bizarre! Eight of us were huddled on bar-stools , all facing our own box with the said cucumbers. Then followed a demonstration of how to “play “the cucumbers by “rubbing “ them. Being wired to the laptop, each box was designed to make a specific sound .We were then given 1 minute to make sweet music together! Only at the Fringe! Our very own symphony will be emailed to us so watch this space for the end product.

All in all a blistering start at the Fringe.

M Bicknell

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Blog 2017 Thespis

All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe  T T T T T +

ww1,Battle+of+the+somme,All +Quiet +On +The+Western+Front, Thespis+costume+hire,Edinburgh+fring+festival+2016=Review,M Bicknell,Costumiers,Incognito+Theatre
Battle of the Somme.


I had seen this play at last year’s Fringe Festival and had to see it again. The performance of the 5 lads was just as impressive as I remembered it last year. A must see for anyone visiting the Fringe! Brilliant Must See !.

Incognito first burst onto the Fringe back in 2014  with their sell out  show “Government Inspector”.

This year is the century year of the Battle of the Somme, Incognito theatre revives Erich Maria Remarque’s classic tale that exposes the mental and physical strain of trench warfare. Adapting the story in their trademark physical style, Incognito harnesses the tragic energy of Remarque’s novel and creates a stunningly poetic , poignant and expressionistic theatrical experience in order to tell the breaking story of the German soldiers who fought on the Western Front during the Great War.The production consists of an ensemble of 5 boys who all give a superb performance that reduces you to tears. The choreography of the play is just outstanding and well rehearsed resulting in a smooth performance  that allows the audience to immerse in the emotions of the story.

An incredibly physical performance and easily one of the best shows at the Ed Fringe this year!!


Directed by Robert Zuric


Stanislaus Katczinsky / Kemmerich—-Angus Doughty

Freidrich Muller —- George John

Paul Baumer—-Charlie MacVicar

Ernst Tjaden—-Alex Maxwell

Albert Kropp / Himmerelstoss —-Joe Taylor

Follow the Incognito on Facebook and twitter ( @incognito107)


Thespis Rating 5/5

M Bicknell

Pleasance Dome  – King Dome  1 hour   Suitability:    Group: Incognito Theatre with the Pleasance 2nd Aug 2017 – 15th Aug 2017  2pm   Suitable 12 and above.

All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

Build LAMDA’s future. Act Now


lamda theatre new

 LAMDA’s New Sainsbury Theatre

Build LAMDA’s future. Act Now! Campaign.


Dear Margaret

LAMDA’s Sainsbury Theatre will be opening shortly. We are incredibly grateful for the support you have given our Act Now! campaign to build LAMDA’s future.

Pictured above: Jim Broadbent

Our upcoming summer season opens on Tuesday 30 May and will be first time we can stage student productions across three venues at the Academy – with shows in The Sainsbury Theatre, The Carne Studio Theatre and The LAMDA Linbury Studio. Details of these productions and how to book will be with you shortly.

Finally, I have attached an image of our beautiful Sainsbury Theatre seating (still under the wrapping!) and you can see more photos of the redevelopment and how far we have come on our website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages. This would not have been possible without your support – thank you.

With very best wishes
Lucy McNally
Development Manager (Individual Giving)


LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)
155 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA

D +44 (0)20 8834 0515
T +44 (0)20 8834 0500


LAMDA Friends and Angels Memberships

Your support is vital to LAMDA. We have under £50,000 to raise to complete the Act Now! campaign and open the doors on our new theatres and training facilities. To make a donation visit LAMDA – Make It Happen.

NODA Award for Betty Blue Eyes.

Ellesmere MTC

NODA Award for  Betty Blue Eyes.

David Streeter. NODA NE: Rated Betty Blue Eyes as the best overall show that he had seen in the past year. Award presented at the NODA NE conference in Bridlington.

“To Margaret,

Thank you for supplying us with such fantastic costumes once again.

We won the NODA President’s award for “best production” and attention to detail was one of the reasons mentioned-so thank you for your help with that!

We look forward to dealing with you again next year.”

Carol Wibberley

Thespis supplied all costumes and shoes for this show.

NODA REVIEW:  NODA Award for Betty Blue Eyes.


Author: Mary Titterton

A South Yorkshire premiere! From principals to ensemble the post war era was depicted with first class costumes and shoes etc., hair styles were amazing – the Society held a workshop to help with the 1947 styles – well worth it!. Props also were very good – to source and obtain items of the period like the pram and bicycle made such a difference. The set worked really well – congratulations to Hansel D’Roza for his design and the stage crew for their efficient changes. Good lighting by TD Lighting and sound  by Paul Minott helped to complete the picture.  The direction by Jeremy Tustin assisted by Leah Rhodes-Burch, Jane Blythe and Amber Parry made you believe that you were actually part of the postwar era. The 8 piece band under Gavin Usher’s direction was excellent.

Now to the cast. Matthew Walker (Gilbert Chilvers) and Keeley Kilby (Joyce Chilvers) worked extremely well together and their solos and duets were certainly showstoppers. Helen Kempton as usual gave a first class performance – her comic timing was exceptional, as Mother Dear. The trio ‘Pig, No Pig’ with Joyce, Mother Dear, and Gilbert was certainly a marathon. David Jefferson, Neil Kirkman and Ray Hawkins (Dr. James Swaby, Henry Allardyce and Francis Lockwood respectively) made a great trio of Councillors portraying their individual characters in style. Last but not least I must mention ‘Betty Blue Eyes’ and Francesca  Bray (Puppeteer) – well done, there must have been hours of practice. The ensemble all had named parts and they certainly made the most of it with individual characterisation

A delightful piece – the Company gave the audience an evening of pure delight taking us away from the troubled days of the week (the Westminster Bridge incident).

Betty Blue Eyes

Ellesmere MTC 

Ellesmere MTC production of Addams Family Costumes By Thespis

NODA Insurance.

Les Miserables Costume Launch

Les Miserables+costume+hire,costumes+for+les miserables,costume+hire

Les Miserables Costume Launch

Rehearsals NYMT

Photo now on our web site .   Click here to visit page.

Set in early 19th-century France, it is the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his quest for redemption after serving nineteen years in jail for having stolen a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child. Valjean decides to break his parole
and start his life anew after a kindly bishop inspires him by a tremendous act of mercy, but he is relentlessly tracked down by a police inspector named Javert. Along the way, Valjean and a slew of characters are swept into a revolutionary period in France, where a group of young idealists make their last stand at a street barricade.

This spectacular costume set will be available to hire complete with footwear / accessories / replica period flintlock pistols & musket rifles  from our studio in April 2017.

Our costumes for Les Miserables are made to reflect the period correctly with attention to the finer detailing which has become our number one goal.



Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Miserables is the show of shows.

Lead time for this collection is at least 2 months as there are so many costumes to prepare for you, so book early!


“Special Offer”

Save £££££

Book “Les Miserables Costumes Hire” full show  before 31st July 2017

See current special offer on main page. Link Below

Enquire now

Wiki Link

You Tube Clip 

“One Day More” performed by Colm Wilkinson, Michael Ball, Judy Kuhn, Lea Salonga, Michael Maguire, Philip Quast, Jenny Galloway, Alun Armstrong, Adam Searles, full company and choir with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by David Charles Abell for the Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall, 8th October 1995

Contact us to book the new costumes.

Les Miserables Costume Hire


Rock of Ages Costume Launch

Rock of Ages+costumes+costume hire

Rock of Ages Costumes Are Here!

Following a successful Rock of Ages Costume Launch by the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society, the production photos are now available for viewing on our website.

Rock of Ages is built around classic rock songs from the 1980s, especially from the famous glam metal bands of that decade. The musical features songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Europe among other well-known rock bands.



“Rock of Ages Costume Hire – American romantic comedy with 80`s – themed hilarious musical !”

“Special Launch Offer”  

” Saving ££££ “

 For this complete show booked before 31st July 2017.

See main show page for terms.

During the performance, the performers frequently break the “fourth wall“, directly addressing the audience and seemingly forgetting (or perhaps reminding the audience) that they are actors in a musical.

Show trivia: Despite the musical’s title, the Def Leppard song of the same name is not included in the musical.





Betty Blue Eyes


M Bicknell

Another big launch from the Thespis Studio for the 2017  Season………………

“The King and I ”  Costume Set

The King and I


School of Rock News

School of Rock to hold open auditions



Toby Lee, David Flynn and Selma Hansen in School Of Rock at the New London Theatre. Photo: Tristram Kenton
by Giverny Masso – Mar 8, 2017

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock is to hold open auditions to find its next cast of child performers.
The West End musical, which opened in November 2016, is seeking children aged eight to 12 to appear in the production.
Applicants must be under 5ft tall and are invited to submit a video playing an instrument of choice or singing a short pop or rock song.
Open auditions will take place on eight dates between March and November in locations across the country, the first being on March 25 in Cardiff.
Parents can register interest for their child at


M Bicknell

Benedict Cumberbatch explains LAMDA

Benedict Cumberbatch explains LAMDA. The last big push to the finish line for LAMDA`s Future.

As a proud LAMDA graduate and Patron of the Act Now! campaign, I wanted to be in touch to ask for your help.

LAMDA is a vital artistic resource that nourishes the global performing arts industry, contributes to our economy and enriches our cultural life. Together, over the last three years we have raised 98% of the £28.2m needed to build the Academy’s new theatres and training spaces and secure the future of the school.

Thanks to you we are almost there… But we still need your help to get across the finish line and open the doors on LAMDA’s future.

The Challenge

Your support is now more crucial than ever. We have under £500,000 left to raise for the new facilities. To help us do this, we have been set a challenge by one of our generous supporters.

They will now match every £2 you donate to LAMDA and its students with an additional £1.

This is an incredible opportunity to support the next generation of dramatic artists and technicians. I hope you will join me and Act Now! by making a donation to the campaign.

Best wishes,


Benedict Cumberbatch

Act Now! Patron and LAMDA Graduate, Class of 2000


To discuss how you can get involved and support LAMDA’s new facilities, contact us on or call 020 8834 0510.


We are very grateful to everyone who has already given a gift to support this campaign. The redevelopment will give LAMDA 50% more teaching space, including state of the art screen and audio facilities, The Sackler Library and two new performance venues – The Sainsbury Theatre and The Carne Studio Theatre – for students, staff, graduates and the community. These new facilities will ensure LAMDA continues to train the very best actors, directors, stage managers and technicians, and maintains its world-leading contribution to the performing arts.

Explore our new home to learn more about how LAMDA’s facilities will transform our training and student life.

See more at LAMDA

Reproduced from :LAMDA News March 2017. Benedict Cumberbatch explains LAMDA

Thespis seizes this incredible opportunity to support the next generation of dramatic artists and technicians. Thespis is fully behind the “Act now campaign”.


M Bicknell / C Blake

Cardinal sins for actors auditioning

Cardinal sins for actors auditioning

Some Good Advice For Budding Actors.

Photo: Matt Crockett From: The Stage Magaizne

• Advice by @WestEndProducer

Over the years, I have witnessed some triumphant displays of bad audition techniques. They have left me dazzled, dismayed and reaching for yet another bottle of Dom Perigone.
So let’s get straight on with a list of my audition advice:
• Don’t shake our hand unless we instigate – we don’t like sweaty palms, dear.
• Never go in for a kiss (unless you are exceptionally good-looking and my casting director is drooling).
• Wear the right attire. Something comfortable and loose in a movement or dance call, and something smart casual in a normal audition. Of course if you are no good at dancing then wear something tight to distract us.
• Always sing in your own voice – we don’t want to hear an impression of someone from the original cast recording.
• If we send you something to prepare, you don’t have to know it off by heart, but try to be familiar with it. We’d prefer to see you showing us some interesting choices than treating it as a line-learning exercise.
• Always stand facing the audition panel. You’d be surprised at the number of performers who spend their entire casting facing the wrong way.
• Smile. It makes a lot of difference. Unless you’ve got bad teeth. In which case, it’s best just to smirk.
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As long as they aren’t about my personal life.
• Never consume alcohol before a casting – we’ll be able to tell. The only time you’re allowed to do that is if you bring in a nice bottle of red for me as well.
• Be nice to the person letting you in and out – they are spies who are there to judge you. If you offer them chocolate and compliment them on their dress sense you are guaranteed a recall.
• Don’t lie about your credits. It’s a very small business and we’ll quickly find out that you haven’t actually been working on the new show at the National called ‘War Whores’.
• If we’ve asked you to sing a song from a specific genre please make sure you do. It’s a waste of time bringing in something that doesn’t let us hear your voice in the style we want.
• Never say “see you soon” as you leave – because the chances are you won’t.
• Avoid slagging off other directors or performers. We will usually know the people involved, and my casting director will often have slept with them – so they will be personal friends. Unless of course you have some prior knowledge that we actually hate that director, in which case be as rude as you want.
• Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances sing Let It Go – if you do we will let you go straight away, dear.
• Never say you can do something if you can’t. We once had a lovely boy who said he was an expert street dancer and would have been perfect for the role – but in his final recall, when we asked him to demonstrate, he danced like David Brent. He didn’t get the job.
• Don’t cry.
So, basically, be prepared: learn your lines, stand in the right place, don’t cry, don’t touch us, and smile. That’s all there is to it, dear.

Artificial from the Stage Magazine.

Some Good Advice For Budding Actors.

Cardinal sins for actors auditioning

Rock of Ages Costumes Sneak Preview

Rock of Ages+costumes+costume hire

Rock of Ages Costumes Sneak Preview

Rock of Ages Costumes Sneak Preview. We have been working on this costume set for a few months now and it is coming together. We are delivering our launch costume set to the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society at the beginning of March so cannot reveal too much as we do not want to spoil it for their audiences.

Production photos will be available from end of March 2017 on-wards. Please feel free to contact us if you require more info.

The costume set is available for hire from 25th March 2017.


Rock of ages+costume+hire
Rock of ages costume hire



“Rock of Ages Costume Hire – American romantic comedy with 80`s – themed hilarious musical !”

Get your Licence Samuel French


Rock of Ages Show page internal link.

Contact us

Rock of Ages Sneak Preview

By M Bicknell.  BA

CATS Costume Hire 2017

Cats Costume Hire,Thespis,M Bicknell,

CATS Costume Hire 2017

CATS – Adult licences now available for 2017!

Since Cats first opened on the West End stage in 1981, it has become one of the world’s best known and best loved musicals.

With a plot based on T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and award-winning music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats – originally directed by Trevor Nunn and with musical staging by Gillian Lynne – has since been presented in over 20 countries and in about 250 cities, including such diverse destinations as Buenos Aires, Seoul, Helsinki and Singapore.

An all-singing, all-dancing musical spectacular, the show has also been translated into 10 languages and has not only been presented in theatres, but also in tents in Japan and Korea, an engine shed in Switzerland, and school gymnasiums across the USA.

The licence for this show is now, at this moment in time, also available to ADULT amateur groups in the UK and Eire in 2017!

We are seeking interested groups who are willing to commit to design a set of costumes for CATS. If interested please contact us via our website. The licences are currently only being issued for 2017 so we need to move fast for delivery of costumes in the autumn.

You can be sure when hiring from Thespis Theatrical Costumiers , you will look truly amazing in any of  our costumes.


CATS Costume Hire 2017