Les Miserables Adult Costume Set Jeremy Tustin Director

Les Miserables Adult Costume Set Jeremy Tustin Director

Thespis are delighted  to have been invited to work again with acclaimed director Jeremy Tustin for his 2019 adult production of Cameron Macintosh`s  Les Miserables . This show is being performed  on the 5 March – 16 March at the Gaiety Theatre  by the brilliant Manx Operatic Society   on the Isle of Man.

Thespis having produced costumes for the adult versions of  “The Phantom of the Opera” for productions in  Iceland and Malta and have again risen to the challenge of producing a costume set for this  rarely performed adult production of this fantastic show outside of the West End.


Jeremy Tustin is a professional director and choreographer who was trained at the Mountview Theatre School, successfully completing a 3 Year Acting/Musical Theatre Course (B.A. Hons). Since that time he has continued to develop his own unique style which has challenged the many societies he has worked with and thoroughly entertained audiences and critics alike.

Jeremy currently works with societies right across the UK and is one of the first directors to have directed Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast.

Jeremy explained that, due to UK copyright restrictions, the Isle of Man is one of the few places that will be allowed to put on a production of the show, but even then they have had to live up to the exacting standards of the West End show’s producers.

’It is a huge deal to put on a show like Les Miserables,’ said Jeremy.

’There is a lot of pressure that comes with taking on a show like this. The Isle of Man is still the only place you can see “Les Mis” performed on stage outside the West End.

’The last time we did this show, I had to be interviewed by Cameron Macintosh, the producer of Les Les Miserables, as he wanted to know that I was up to the job. I had already worked for him by then, which had helped.

’This time it was much easier, purely because we had done it before. It still wasn’t a straightforward thing though, and it still took them a while to say yes and to agree to it.

’The overall look of the show had to be sanctioned, as they want it to be what people expect to see when they see the show in London.

’The set was built in the UK and brought over here to be assembled. We have had to have the stage created from scratch, as there just isn’t a set for this show you can hire anywhere.

’Also, the costumes are brand new, as they simply don’t exist anywhere outside London, and they won’t release those costumes. We have to have them made especially by Thespis.’


Director Jeremy Tustin
Jeremy Tustin directs Les Miserables on the Isle of Man


Jeremy Tustin.

Good luck Jeremy with future ventures!





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