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The Vackees Costumes

At Thespis Theatrical Costumier we have a goods selection of 1940s vintage clothing which gives the “authentic” look to your production.We can also supply the vintage military costumes.

Set at the outbreak of the Second World War, this is the funny, moving story of the invasion of a Somerset village by child evacuees from London – The Vackees – and their adventures with the (at first) hostile native children. The musical centres around a young London lad, Kip, and follows his first experiences of love and war .The story unfolds with Kip saying farewell to his mother and boarding the train to an unknown destination .He and the rest of the gang are boisterous but apprehensive, and they sing “Moving on” depicting a train  journey that will lead them to Darchett.They are accompnaied by Mr Constance a teacher.On arrival at Darchett the Vackees wait to be chosen by the Somerset families who clearly were expecting a less “heathen ” looking bunch but eventually all are dispersed amongst the villagers. Mr Constance , however, is left standing with the billeting officer commenting” they never said anything about teachers…”. He is rescued by the local school teacher Miss Maybee and after their own initial battles over classrooms and equipment, romance blossoms.

Kip ends up being billeted with Lucia Braithwaite ( “Aunt Luce” ) and shares her house with Ellen  , her niece and ward, and Grace , her 14 year old maid.Kip befriends a local eccentric called Mr Jack who teaches him about the country.After “the Battle of Darchett Hill” the relations between the gangs soften and soon it is time for Kip to return to London but he finds is rather changed!


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