Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 was created by Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, Thomas De Angelis and Clemence Williams. Fed up with the limited and anachronistic roles for women in opera, the creators sought to develop a new work. Their sole ambition was to use the music of opera greats, and craft a new show for their generation.

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh
Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh is an original, all-female opera. Set inside a publicly accessible women’s bathroom, Chamber Pot Opera tells the story of three women who meet there by chance, late one night.

In traditional opera, female characters are generally classed as one of three types; they’re either witches, bitches or breeches. Chamber Pot Opera skewers this age-old trope, granting its all-female cast the agency, power and potential to tell their own stories, solve their own problems and express themselves in a unique way. The show’s contemporary story line features a survivor of domestic abuse, a queer woman on a first date and a successful female executive.

Each of them sing of a shared female experience, creating a show for opera aficionados and novices alike.

Chamber Pot Opera tells the story of three women who meet for the first time in a public bathroom. One is in an abusive relationship, another is terrified that she has come on too strong on a date, and the third has been promoted through the glass ceiling to land her dream job. Together they sing of shared histories, traumas and fantasies using a catalogue of popular music from the operas of Puccini, Mozart and Bizet.

We have sat in some weird and wonderful venues at the Fringe. In fact, it is something we have come to expect from the Fringe but none have been as bizarre as this one : Men’s toilets at the Assembly Hall, seating just about 8 people plus standing room for 4 or 5 more. The action is inches away from you but it works so well as a location that you soon forget where you are as you immerse yourself in the drama unfolding before you and singing begins.The stories are told through existing music in the fashion of Mamma Mia but with accomplished singers.

One of the best shows we have seen at the Fringe.

Thespis Awards this show : T T T T T + A must see production !

M Bicknell

Chamber Pot Opera Edinburgh

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