All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe  T T T T T +

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Battle of the Somme.


I had seen this play at last year’s Fringe Festival and had to see it again. The performance of the 5 lads was just as impressive as I remembered it last year. A must see for anyone visiting the Fringe! Brilliant Must See !.

Incognito first burst onto the Fringe back in 2014  with their sell out  show “Government Inspector”.

This year is the century year of the Battle of the Somme, Incognito theatre revives Erich Maria Remarque’s classic tale that exposes the mental and physical strain of trench warfare. Adapting the story in their trademark physical style, Incognito harnesses the tragic energy of Remarque’s novel and creates a stunningly poetic , poignant and expressionistic theatrical experience in order to tell the breaking story of the German soldiers who fought on the Western Front during the Great War.The production consists of an ensemble of 5 boys who all give a superb performance that reduces you to tears. The choreography of the play is just outstanding and well rehearsed resulting in a smooth performance  that allows the audience to immerse in the emotions of the story.

An incredibly physical performance and easily one of the best shows at the Ed Fringe this year!!


Directed by Robert Zuric


Stanislaus Katczinsky / Kemmerich—-Angus Doughty

Freidrich Muller —- George John

Paul Baumer—-Charlie MacVicar

Ernst Tjaden—-Alex Maxwell

Albert Kropp / Himmerelstoss —-Joe Taylor

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Thespis Rating 5/5

M Bicknell

Pleasance Dome  – King Dome  1 hour   Suitability:    Group: Incognito Theatre with the Pleasance 2nd Aug 2017 – 15th Aug 2017  2pm   Suitable 12 and above.

All Quiet on the Western Front 2017 Edinburgh Fringe

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